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This in-depth guide to China explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.
Beijing has the world's highest concentration of billionaires, plus some fantastic grocery stores, we pick our must see stores if visiting China's capital city.
Five year growth forecasts for the grocery market, the leading retailers and modern trade grocery channels in China.
We study the top large format retailers in Asia, their growth strategies and the markets where large format stores will see the strongest growth over the next five years.
Shanghai’s fast changing retail landscape means that retailers are experimenting with new ideas, innovations and concepts check out our top 10 grocery stores to see in this dynamic city.
This reports looks at the leading grocery retailers in China, how we expect them to grow until 2022 and what strategies are being used to serve shoppers better in this rapidly changing market.
Read this report to understand who the leading large format retailers are in Asia and how they are evolving to meet shoppers' needs.
Bricks and mortar retail is still relevant in China. We look at how retailers are driving growth via format innovation, geographic expansion and entering lower tier cities, and how suppliers can grow with them offline.