Puregold store visits


Puregold Moonwalk is one of the retailer's latest stores in Manila, take a look to see how it is evolving its store design, range and pricing to cater to both end users and resellers.
Puregold Molito has a more premium look and feel to a standard Puregold store, plus showcases how it is flexing its offer to appeal to both Filipino shoppers and traditional trade store owners.
S&R was acquired by the retail giant Puregold in 2012, with the concept relying on bulk buying, low-cost distribution and streamlined operations. With a wide range of imported and exclusive products, the store is positioned to appeal to upmarket customers.
Puregold has a unique proposition and is one of the fastest growing retailers in the Philippines. Take a look inside its Shaw store, showcasing its hybrid format which serves both traditional trade and end consumers.