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We visited the newly opened FairPrice Xtra in VivoCity. This impressive hypermarket is about 9,000 sq m and spread over two levels. It is designed with many speciality concepts and unique experiences to woo young shoppers. The store looks great from every angle, so keep a look out for our full store visit report after its official opening in August.

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We went to the newly refurbished Funan Mall in Singapore to check out four stores of the leading retailers in Singapore.

Young and energetic vibe

Source: IGD Research

This used to be known as the IT mall - a place for tech geeks who want to build their own computers from component parts and check out the latest gadgets. After three years of redevelopment, the mall has opened with a swanky new look, including an indoor cycling path and a climbing facility.

Great visual merchandising at FairPrice Finest

Source: IGD Research

A new range of Guinness chocolates is displayed at the front of the store. Shoppers who are not keen on chocolates can pick up some healthy protein bars instead. Besides daily essentials and imported snacks, the store has a range of food-to-go options for the busy office workers. There are only self-checkout counters, with one staff member available to offer support when necessary.

Guardian builds on its health heritage

Source: IGD Research

Guardian’s spacious layout makes it easy to navigate to the health, skincare and beauty sections. The retailer’s expertise in healthcare comes across with an on-site pharmacist and a wide range of health supplements. This area is fitted with natural wood panels which forms the backdrop. Glossy black shelves of cosmetics and haircare line one side of the store to create a strong visual impact, while a silver tone on the other side brings out the professionalism of the derma skincare brands.

Watsons compact store includes self-checkout

Source: IGD Research

This Watsons store has the colourful design and signages that can be seen in its latest stores. Self-checkout counters are also a recent addition to stores that have been refurbished as the technology becomes more familiar to Singapore shoppers. The retailer has been driving membership through additional discounts and rebates, and we can see this coming across here.

7-Eleven’s 400th store

Source: IGD Research

While this is a small store, it has incorporated all the latest features from 7-Eleven:

  • 7Cafe: freshly brewed coffee from 100% Arabica beans prepared with WMF machines
  • 7-Premium Japanese snacks: Singapore is one of the first countries outside of Japan to sell these snacks
  • 7-Select ready-to-eat range: its popular butter chicken biryani, onigiri, kimchi fried rice and chicken bolognese are available


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FairPrice will hold prices of 100 private label products stable until June 2020 to reduce the burden of essential groceries on shoppers.

Ensuring affordability of basic products

The initiative aims to provide an industry benchmark to keep prices stable, regardless of changes in supply. The 100 products span a wide range of categories like rice, oil, milk, poultry, batteries, snacks, toiletries and household cleansers. Besides holding prices for these basic items for 15 months, the prices for 50 products will also drop by as much as 30% with immediate effect. All of the selected private label products will be at least 20% lower than comparable leading brands.

Extra discount for Merdeka Generation

Singaporeans with a Merdeka Generation card will enjoy a 3% discount on all purchases on Wednesdays. These are senior citizens who have made a significant contribution to the country’s security and independence born between 1950-1959. Those born before 1950 may also qualify if they are not part of the Pioneer Generation scheme.


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NTUC FairPrice launched a new Finest store last week at TripleOne Somerset right along Orchard Road, the famous shopping strip in Singapore. The store highlights different aspects of health and wellness and self-service technologies for shoppers’ convenience.

Wider organic and health food range


The store is visible from the main street and its main entrance opens to a large department of health-focused food. Grain-free paleo baking flour, organic coconut flour and gluten-free kale chips are some of the interesting products that lined the shelves. The retailer has also included several chillers just for organic food including dairy, frozen and fresh vegetables.


Unity pharmacy shop-in-shop


A second entrance to the store from the lobby of the building leads to Unity pharmacy. The retailer is building its wellness concept around “eat well, feel well, live well and look well”. Beauty and personal care items are included in this area as part of the “look well” department.

Technology supporting the store


Self-service checkouts, self-weighing stations and making the store a click-and-collect point are helping to enhance store efficiency. Electronic shelf labels are also used throughout the store. There is the option of going through a staff for the checkout process, but many shoppers are seen using the self-checkout counters.

Checkout technology

Tesco finest range in the spotlight

Tesco finest

Tesco products are exclusive to FairPrice in Singapore. These are seen prominently in end cap displays and the premium cheese island in the centre of the store.

What do we think?

This FairPrice Finest store showcases the retailer’s latest thinking in driving health and wellness to address shoppers’ needs. The inclusion of relevant technology enhances shoppers’ experience and improves productivity. The modern store is a great illustration of some of key trends we have predicted in our Asia outlook report.

Read more about the trends by downloading a free copy of the report here


Tan Soo Eng, Senior Research Manager, IGD Singapore

Soo Eng focuses on Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Singapore, as well as the role of private labels and supermarkets in the Asian grocery market.

Cheers has opened its third store on Dinh Tien Hoang Street in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Cheers in Vietnam

Operated by a joint venture between Vietnamese retailer Saigon Co.op and Singapore’s NTUC FairPrice, Cheers stores are open 24 hours, sspecialise in imported food and grocery. The stores also provide utilities payment services and offer dine-in areas with free wifi.

The first Cheers store opened on Hoa Hao Street, in District 10, last December. The partnership plans to have 50 stores trading in Vietnam by the end of 2018. The two retailers also partnered up on Co.OpXtra hypermarkets.

Recent development of NTUC FairPrice

Besides the expansion in Vietnam, NTUC FairPrice has upgraded its ecommerce platform, supported by automated fulfillment system and collaboration with ride-hailing app Grab for delivery. It has also launched its technology driven 'Living Lab' in Singapore.

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