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FairPrice will hold prices of 100 private label products stable until June 2020 to reduce the burden of essential groceries on shoppers.

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NTUC FairPrice launched a new Finest store last week at TripleOne Somerset right along Orchard Road, the famous shopping strip in Singapore. The store highlights different aspects of health and wellness and self-service technologies for shoppers’ convenience.

Wider organic and health food range


The store is visible from the main street and its main entrance opens to a large department of health-focused food. Grain-free paleo baking flour, organic coconut flour and gluten-free kale chips are some of the interesting products that lined the shelves. The retailer has also included several chillers just for organic food including dairy, frozen and fresh vegetables.


Unity pharmacy shop-in-shop


A second entrance to the store from the lobby of the building leads to Unity pharmacy. The retailer is building its wellness concept around “eat well, feel well, live well and look well”. Beauty and personal care items are included in this area as part of the “look well” department.

Technology supporting the store


Self-service checkouts, self-weighing stations and making the store a click-and-collect point are helping to enhance store efficiency. Electronic shelf labels are also used throughout the store. There is the option of going through a staff for the checkout process, but many shoppers are seen using the self-checkout counters.

Checkout technology

Tesco finest range in the spotlight

Tesco finest

Tesco products are exclusive to FairPrice in Singapore. These are seen prominently in end cap displays and the premium cheese island in the centre of the store.

What do we think?

This FairPrice Finest store showcases the retailer’s latest thinking in driving health and wellness to address shoppers’ needs. The inclusion of relevant technology enhances shoppers’ experience and improves productivity. The modern store is a great illustration of some of key trends we have predicted in our Asia outlook report.

Read more about the trends by downloading a free copy of the report here


Tan Soo Eng, Senior Research Manager, IGD Singapore

Soo Eng focuses on Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar and Singapore, as well as the role of private labels and supermarkets in the Asian grocery market.

Cheers has opened its third store on Dinh Tien Hoang Street in downtown Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Cheers in Vietnam

Operated by a joint venture between Vietnamese retailer Saigon Co.op and Singapore’s NTUC FairPrice, Cheers stores are open 24 hours, sspecialise in imported food and grocery. The stores also provide utilities payment services and offer dine-in areas with free wifi.

The first Cheers store opened on Hoa Hao Street, in District 10, last December. The partnership plans to have 50 stores trading in Vietnam by the end of 2018. The two retailers also partnered up on Co.OpXtra hypermarkets.

Recent development of NTUC FairPrice

Besides the expansion in Vietnam, NTUC FairPrice has upgraded its ecommerce platform, supported by automated fulfillment system and collaboration with ride-hailing app Grab for delivery. It has also launched its technology driven 'Living Lab' in Singapore.

Singapore's largest supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice has launched a refreshed ecommerce platform called FairPrice On. The new platform provides an elevated user experience and uses robots to fulfil online orders. 

Enhanced customer engagement

The revamped online portal and mobile app will provide a more intuitive experience for shoppers. For example, shoppers will find it easier to find products, choose a delivery slot and make payment. FairPrice On offers over 13,000 products and has over 400,000 subscribers. The platform will use data analytics to send targeted personalised communication based on their profile, interest and shopping habits.

Automated fulfilment system

Robots will help fill orders at AutoStore, an automatic storage and retrieval system at NTUC Hub. It uses robotics to provide high density storage and computerised retrieval. The AutoStore can handle 3,000 orders a day, working four times faster than the old manual picking method.

NTUC FairPrice CEO Seah Kian Ping said, “This system is like a huge vending machine that is able to automatically store and dispense thousands of products. We are able to pick up to 220 products per hour, compared to about 50 products per hour via the traditional picking method."

Source: NTUC FairPrice

Get SCORE for free delivery

The retailer and ride-sharing platform Grab have launched a subscription programmed that offers rebates and discounts for consumers who pay an annual fee. Members of SCORE subscription programme can enjoy one free FairPrice On delivery a month. Other benefits include rebates on purchases above SGD100 (US$76), membership to NTUC’s Warehouse Club and 1,000 Linkpoints for new subscribers. They will also receive discounts and special members only access to Grab events.

Shop and Donate

Shoppers can donate groceries directly to their beneficiary of choice through FairPrice On. The website shows the groceries that each organisation needs, shoppers can then choose the items they wish to pay for and add to their cart. Delivery fee for the donation is waived.

What do we think?

NTUC FairPrice is one of the first supermarkets to launch an online store in 2002 in Singapore. We believe that there are huge opportunities for the retailer as the growth will continue to build momentum. Retailers investing in improved online shopping experience, more personalised offers and robotics are in great positions to make online grocery channel work for them.

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Tan Soo Eng, Senior Research Manager, IGD Singapore
Based in Singapore, Soo Eng focuses on the role of hypermarkets and supermarkets in the Asian grocery market.

Singapore supermarket chain NTUC FairPrice and on-demand transportation/mobile payments platform Grab have signed a memorandum of understanding to embark on a joint initiative.

Complements online-to-offline

The new service, currently under development, will cater to the evolving needs of the community by providing better value, convenience and access to goods and services.

Anthony Tan, Grab Singapore group CEO/co-founder, says “With both supermarket and transport services as part of this initiative, we are thrilled to provide greater cost savings and convenience.”

Growth of omni-channel retailing

With more consumers indicating that they are likely to subscribe to such services, retailers are recognising this growing segment by providing targeted solutions and services.

Consumers opting for the Grab/FairPrice subscription service will be offered exclusive savings, rebates and access to services on groceries and transport. It is targeted for launch in Q1 2018.

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