Lotte launches 7-Eleven express in South Korea

Date : 28 August 2018

7-Eleven in South Korea has launched a new fully automated 'express' format.

Another automated store...

Having launched its first unstaffed convenience store at Lotte World Tower in Seoul last year, 7-Eleven is now testing its latest 'express' format. South Korea continues to see the rise of self-service and cashier-less stores with various retailers exploring this space. 

7-Eleven's new concept store consists of five vending machines in the shape of an express train. It is currently testing four stores, two of which are being trialed at the headquarters of 7-Eleven in Seoul, one at Lotte E&M in Incheon, and the other at the headquarters of Lotte Rent-a-Car in Anyang, Gyeonggi Province.

More about 7-Eleven express

The 10-metre long express stores carry 200 products across five key categories; drinks, snacks, prepared meals, processed food and non-food products. They are also cashless, and shoppers can pay via a prepaid transit card or credit card after inputting the product number into the machine. For shoppers looking for a quick snack, the store features a microwave and a hot water dispenser in the central area for convenience.