JD.com taps into travel retail

Date : 04 January 2019

JD.com has opened two different pop-up stores at Beijing Capital International Airport and Hohhot East Railway Station in Inner Mongolia.

Beijing airport store: data-driven product selection

The one at Beijing airport is located in the Terminal 3 departure lounge for the next three months. The store carries travel items such as daily essentials, clothing, mobile accessories, beauty products, bags and suitcases.

JD.com’s advanced store technology is used to understand how customers interact with products to facilitate smart category management. The integrated ‘JD Zu Chongzhi’ (named after a famous Chinese mathematician ) platform can analyse customer behaviour and generate traffic flow heat maps. The insight is used to optimise product selection and inventory management, ensuring a smooth shopping experience for the shoppers.

JD.com pop up store at Beijing airport (Source: JD.com)
JD.com's pop up store at Beijing airport (Source: JD.com)

Hohhot East Railway Station store: unmanned store

The 100sqm store at Hohhot East Railway is an unmanned convenience store. It features facial recognition payment and can automatically process payments once shoppers select their products.

This store plans to use Mini program in WeChat to allow shoppers to purchase on the spot and take their purchases with them or shop online and have them delivered to a convenient location.

JD.com pop up store at Beijing airport (Source: JD.com)
JD.com’s unmanned store at Hohhot East Railway Station (Source: JD.com)

The opening of these two stores further expands the company’s “boundaryless retail” strategy and adds travel retail to JD.com’s existing offline retail portfolio, which already includes grocery stores and partnerships with hotels.

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