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The Chinese ecommerce giant opens the largest hydroponic plat factory to produce fresh vegetables, in partnership with Japan’s Mitsubishi Chemical.

More News’s physical store 7FRESH will open its first store in Shanghai, marking an important step in its nationwide rollout.

Strategic importance

The new store will be located in Shangbin Plaza in Hongkou District and will be open for business in mid 2019. It marks 7FRESH’s first market entry in East China.

As a first-tier international city, Shanghai offers great opportunities for to build, test and improve its O+O (online + offline) business model. Data analysis of online shoppers’ preferences will be used to influence in-store decisions, so that local customers’ shopping needs can be better met.

Shanghai has a track recording of setting commercial examples for neighbouring provinces and regions. The opening of this store is strategically important for the retailer.

Deployment of national plan announced its plan of opening 1000 7FRESH stores in the next five years. After sorting out its supply chain, optimising the back-end technology and improving the quality control system, the plan is currently being implemented. Three additional stores will open doors soon in Southwest China in Guangzhou, Foshan and Dongguan.

Find out more information about and 7FRESH here.

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Key Developments in third quarter

Attracting more brands: has continued to attract major international brands, enhancing its position as the most reliable online channel for accessing the Chinese market. had 200,000 merchants on its online marketplace as of September 30, 2018.

Premium membership programme: Since its launch in 2016,’s premium membership programme JD Plus has now surpassed 10m users. JD continues to introduce new benefits to JD Plus members, including free shipping coupons, VIP customer service, exclusive discounts on selected product offerings and access to premium online content.

New investment in Dada-JD Daojia: Dada-JD Daojia, announced the completion of a new US$500m financing round with investments from Walmart and With Dada’s crowd-sourcing delivery network, Dada-JD Daojia has partnered with numerous grocery retailers covering 63 cities, to provide a one-hour home delivery service from the stores.'s Singles' Day Festival’s festival ran for 11 days starting on November 1. Transaction volume on reached a record RMB 159.8bn (US$23bn).’s festival ran for 11 days starting on November 1. Transaction volume on reached a record RMB 159.8bn (US$23bn).

During the period, JD sold more than 400m items offered by its Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Foods business group. The amount of imported fresh food sold doubled compared to the same period last year, with customers buying more than 29,500 tons of items such as meat, vegetables, fruit, and seafood.

JD also opened its largest 7FRESH store to date in Langfang, Hebei Province, on Singles' Day. On the opening day, the new store received more than 10,000 customers within a single hour.

Robot restaurant opened in Tianjin's XCafe can seat about 300 guests for dinner, with robots performing ordering, preparing, cooking and serving dishes. It currently serves around 40 dishes, with a potential full menu of more than 200 choices. The restaurant also features immersive dining experience areas with VR interactive games.

JD plans to open 1,000 robot restaurants by 2020.

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Collaboration of two internet giants

The online store is to be launched on Google shopping platform by end of 2018. will then be able to ship directly from its US based fulfilment centres to US customers. Payment and ordering process will be handled by Google.

This flagship store is the first move since Google’s announcement of investing US$550m into in June. The investment aims to give Google a foothold in China as well as help it counter balance Amazon’s dominance in the online space. has already been selling products in the US through Walmart. The launch of the Google store marks’s serious bid of ramping up its growth in the US, albeit the US-China trade war continues to intensify.’s global expansion’s push into the US market is part of its global expansion plan. Currently, most of’s revenue is from its domestic market. In the next ten years, half of its profit will come from overseas market, according to JD’s founder Lio Qiangdong.

JD has already opened offices in France, Thailand and Australia. It reported 31.2% rise in revenue for the second quarter in August this year.

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Carrefour announced a strategic collaboration with Dada-JD Daojia, an online grocery and delivery firm owned by

New business platform

Around 6,000 products are available to be traded on the new online platform, of which 400 are imported goods. These products cover multiple categories including fruit and vegetables, dairy, ready-to-eat, BWS (beer, wine and spirits), snacks, cooking ingredients as well as health and beauty. The goal is to make all offline products of Carrefour available online over time.

Wide reach and visible results

This collaboration will create a wide reach for Carrefour. Currently 158 Carrefour stores in 31 major cities across the nation are listed on JD Daojia. The plan is to have 200 listed by the end of 2018. Following the collaboration, Carrefour’s online sales increased by 720% vs. the previous month according to JD Daojia’s data.

Boundless retail

Carrefour regards this collaboration as an important step towards its boundless retail by having more prominent presence online and reaching more shoppers across China. Dada-JD Daojia has two integrated business “Dada” and “JD Daojia”, all owned by Dada is an on-demand logistics platform and JD Daojia a ecommerce platform. JD Daiojia also partners with a number of major retailers, such as Walmart, CR Vanguard and Yonghui. It is not surprising that Carrefour is following suit.

Carrefour just published its Q3 results, click here for details and how it is growing its omnichannel presence globally. 

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