Carrefour opens second Le Marché supermarket

Date : 08 January 2019

Carrefour has opened its second Le Marché supermarket in Shenzhen, China.

Fresh Workshop in-store

After launching its first Le Marché supermarket in Shanghai in April last year, Carrefour has now opened a second store in Shenzhen. In the new store is a Fresh Workshop area, providing shoppers convenience and fun. It combines retail and foodservice, allowing customers to purchase fresh and live seafood and have it prepared so they can dine in-store.

Why Shenzhen?

It is not surprising to see Le Marché open in Shenzhen, having agreed an alliance to partner and collaborate with Tencent to work together on data, smart retail and payment technology this time last year - it is also where the the tech giant is headquartered.

Why you should visit?

  • Experience the latest concept in omnichannel retail from Carrefour
  • Various payment technologies on display in-store
  • A perfect blend of retail and foodservice within a smaller footprint store

Want to know more?

Subscribers can view our Carrefour Le marché store visit here.