GS Retail accelerating Lalavla expansion

Date : 03 April 2018

South Korean convenience store retailer, GS Retail, has announced plans to expand its health and beauty network by up to 300 stores this year.

Rebranding completed - expansion outlined

In February, GS Retail made Watsons Korea a wholly owned subsidiary acquiring the other 50% stake held by A.S. Watson Group. Since them, the retailer rebranded all its Watsons' stores to ‘Lalavla’ (pronounced ‘la la blah’). The focus now is on advertising its new brand and expanding the business. There are currently 191 Lalavla stores nationwide and GS Retail plans to have around 300 outlets by end-2018.

Upgrading existing stores

The retailer has not only rebranded the Watsons banner, but is reviewing its product range and store interiors. With South Korea's healthy and beauty landscape fiercely competitive, Lalavla will look to target the 20-30 age group, focusing on eco-friendless as a way of differentiating its offer.


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