A.S. Watson's predictive modelling technology

Date : 17 January 2019

A.S. Watson has provided details of how it has successfully used predictive modelling to help brands successful launch products in its stores. It has shared two examples, Maybelline and Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

Working closely with brands

A.S. Watson (ASW) has strengthened its long-term partnership with Maybelline in Watsons Thailand, while it has launched Jeffree Star Cosmetics exclusively at ICI PARIS XL in Europe.

Personalising offers with Maybelline

Watsons Thailand partnered with Maybelline in 2018 on a CRM programme. This was supported by ASW's DataLab, which helped to communicate offers to relevant customers through email. It targeted members to seek new category shoppers, drive stronger basket value sizes and engage customers with new product offers. This resulted in over 3.5m emails delivered to members, double-digit sales and over 170,000 customers buying into the brand.

Jeffree Star Cosmetics in ICI PARIS XL

In November 2018, Jeffree Star’s cosmetic range was exclusively launched to customers in ICI PARIS XL stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. A digital campaign was created to support the launch, targeting new customers as well as those whose data and profile matched the brand. Predictive modelling was used to identify members who often shop for new makeup brands. This resulted in over 300,000 customers receiving customised emails and 70% of members under 35 buying into the range during the launch period.

Decisions and outcomes driven by predictive modelling

Malina Ngai, Chief Operating Officer of A.S. Watson Group, said, “Due to our extensive global knowledge of the beauty industry and CRM data, we are able to help niche brands like Jeffree Star and major brands including Maybelline launch products onto the market. Using our integrated online and offline model, this allows us to create these types of brand partnerships to specifically target and engage the right customers.”

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