Alibaba Group presentations


Alibaba has launched a restaurant in Shanghai that uses robots to deliver food to customers tables.
We forecast current and future online grocery sales in Asia’s leading grocery markets, as well as examine the initiatives in the top markets that will continue to shape future development.
Our team’s pick of their favourite stores visited as part of the 10 market visits completed in the first half of 2018.
South Korean cosmetics brand Innisfree has partnered with Alibaba to launch its first smart beauty store in Hangzhou, China.
We share our top 10 picks of the innovations across Asia’s retail industry in H1 2018.
Alibaba has launched a “smart ordering” system. The new technology lets customers at cafés and restaurants place their orders through a voice recognition smart-ordering machine.
This reports looks at the leading grocery retailers in China, how we expect them to grow until 2022 and what strategies are being used to serve shoppers better in this rapidly changing market.
Taobao, Alibaba’s ecommerce marketplace, has launched a new version of its shopping app for elderly shoppers.
Alipay has launched its new facial-recognition payments technology for commercial use.
Hairy crabs, one of the most popular delicacies of the season in eastern China, are being sold in a vending machine at an office building in downtown Shanghai.