Alibaba launches innovative shopping channel

Date : 27 March 2019

As an important move to capitalise on China’s massive tourism market and offer Chinese travellers a holistic travel experience, Alibaba is launching a new shopping platform called Fliggy Buy.

An innovative new service

The service allows Chinese travellers to choose from a range of products, including cosmetics, suitcases, bags and alcohol, prior to their international travel. They can then select a pick-up store, input their personal information and make the payment. After arriving at the destination, shoppers can pick up the goods at their leisure.

Information about the products and reviews are in Chinese. Shoppers have the opportunity to understand product features and compare prices across different channels before making the purchase.

In recent years, the focus of Chinese tourists are shifting away from shopping to local experience. The new service allows them more time to explore and experience the destination.

Why it is an important initiative

With US$115bn spent on international trips in 2017, 140mn oversea trips took last year and average spend up by +9% year-on-year in 2018, the new service offers brands and retailers an opportunity to capitalise on this massive market.

At current initial stage, duty-free and tax-free stores are the focus. Alibaba has plans to recruit more overseas merchants to including high-end luxury brands, household electronics retailers, pharmacy and cosmetics stores to enrich product offering.

As shoppers become more selective, targeted marketing becomes more important. Just as Roman Zhu, head of Fliggy Buy, commented:” The launch of Fliggy Buy represents our latest move to work with merchants targeting the vast number of tourists from China to develop innovative solutions and offer them targeted customer traffic. Our aim is also to embrace the potential of digital technology and provide a holistic travel experience encompassing food, accommodation, transportation, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment.”


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