Alfamart presentations


Manila is the epicentre of modern trade evolution in the Philippines, we highlight the best stores to see if visiting this exciting city.
Five year growth forecasts for the grocery market, the leading retailers and modern trade grocery channels in Indonesia.
Jakarta is the epicentre of retail innovation in Indonesia, one of Asia's most exciting retail markets, we reveal the 10 best stores you should visit in the city in 2019…
This in-depth guide to Indonesia explores the key trends in grocery retail and the growth strategies of the leading retailers in the country.
Convenience is the fastest growing bricks and mortar channel in Asia, but which countries are leading this growth and what trends are driving this?
We review Alfamart's current performance, its growth forecasts for the next five years, plus progress against key strategic objectives.
Five ways in which retailers and manufacturers have looked to maximise the sales opportunity during Ramadan 2018.
Your guide to the leading convenience retailers in Asia, their growth prospects towards 2022 and strategic priorities.
Unstaffed stores, mobile payments, category innovations… are you staying ahead of the game? It can be tough to keep up with these developments, which is why we’re going to show you the latest and most relevant 10 innovations in Asia.
We identify three markets with the fastest convenience channel growth in Asia and provide an overview of operations, the competitive landscape, as well as a case study from the each country's leading c-store retailer.