Alfamart reports strong growth for 2016

Date : 02 March 2017

Alfamart, leading mini-market player in Indonesian, announces full year revenue growth up 16.2% to IDR56.1tn (US$4.2bn) and gross profit up 18.1% to IDR10.9tn (US$0.8bn) for 2016.

Continued expansion outside of Greater Jakarta

The retailer operated 13,745 stores by the end of 2016, of which 12,336 stores are under the Alfamart banner. 65.7% of the stores are located outside of Greater Jakarta area, compared to 60.4% a year ago. 3,383 of the stores are franchised stores, accounting for 24.6% in terms of number of outlets, an increase of 211 from last year.

New warehouses to support expansion

To support the Alfamart banner, the retailer opened two new warehouses during the year, in Serang and Cianjur, both in Java. As of end of 2016, the retailer managed 40 warehouses in Indonesia (32 for Alfamart, 7 for Alfamidi and 1 for Dan Dan)

Experimenting with new formats

Besides the new online initiatives, such as Alfacart and Alfamind, Alfamart is experimenting new formats offline. Alfa Express is a new format, being tested at airports; Alfa Kiosk a new 25 sq. m concept, while Alfa Box is a new vending trial - both of which also offer online shopping and delivery.