VinMart launches “Scan & Go” technology

Date : 04 March 2019

VinMart, a leading retailer in Vietnam, is testing “Scan & Go” feature with a mobile application in 13 stores.

Integration with VinID

Shoppers need to download the VinID app and be a member to use the new feature. Once the “Scan & Go” feature is selected, shoppers can scan the barcode in the store and see the product information and prices in their electronic cart. Payment can be made upon checkout using a barcode at specific counters. Finally, shoppers can choose to pick up their shopping at the store or receive their delivery after two hours on the app.

Benefits of the new service

The service is targeted at convenience-loving youths and busy shoppers. With home delivery, shoppers do not have to do the heavy lifting. Those who choose to pick up their shopping later can spend more time in the mall or watch a movie without carrying their groceries around. With the barcode payment feature, shoppers can also expect much faster payment. Special promotions will be displayed immediately for those using the app.


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