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Traditional stores go by many names: mom-and-pop stores, kiranas (India); warung (Indonesia); kedai runcit (Malaysia); sari-sari (Philippines). They include markets, street vendors and kiosks, and are a major feature of Asia’s grocery retail landscape. 

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Groceries delivered directly to shoppers’ homes.

Making use of QR technology

JD Indonesia has launched a grocery delivery service that allows train commuters to shop for groceries whilst on the way home. JDVirtual, the new service, is now available at selected Commuter Line train stations in Jakarta.

Commuters can order food, beverages as well as other everyday groceries by scanning a QR code at these train stations. Designed to be fast and easy to use via the JD mobile app, these purchases will then be delivered to the shopper’s registered address.

Begun in 2008, the commuter line serves the greater Jakarta Metropolitan Area and sees an average daily ridership of more than one million passengers.

New shopping experiences

The launch of JDVirtual follows the opening of JD’s first unmanned store in Indonesia last month. If successful, similar virtual stores can be rolled out to airports, bus terminals and ship ports around Indonesia. JD.ID President Director, Zhang Li said, “we believe that with JDVirtual, a borderless shopping concept will provide a real solution for modern retail industry, while also helping to run our mandate to help bring Indonesia forward.”

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Technology first introduced in China is now available in Jakarta.

First of its kind store, a leading online retailer in China, has opened its first unmanned store outside of China. Called JD.ID X-Mart, this store is located in PIK Avenue, an upmarket shopping mall in Jakarta. The 270 sq m store stocks a range of food, health and beauty products as well as an assortment of fashion apparel.

This store relies on a combination of radio frequency identification (RFID), in-store cameras and facial recognition to remove the need for queuing up at the cashier. The technology was first introduced in China, where now operates 20 similarly unmanned stores.

More about launched its ecommerce site in Indonesia in 2016 and currently serves 20m customers there. It has nine fulfilment centres throughout Indonesia and has announced plans to open another four more this year.

An overview of can also be found here.

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Transmart Carrefour partners with Indonesian Mosque Council to open up to 300 stores.

Convenience stores located in mosque districts

Trans Retail Indonesia, the operator of Transmart Carrefour hypermarkets, has signed a memorandum of understanding with the Indonesian Mosque Council (Dewan Masjid Indonesia, DMI) to launch up to 300 convenience stores.  

These stores, with a maximum size of 250 sq m, will operate in selected mosque districts. The stores will be located in Jakarta, Sukabumi, Bandung, Bekasi and Depok, as well as other provincial centres.

Under the agreement, Trans Retail Indonesia will supply and stock the stores while DMI will look after operations and retail infrastructure. Trans Retail Indonesia will also share its retail experience in areas such as merchandising, purchasing and logistics. Revenues from this partnership will be split evenly between both parties.

Providing different facilities to remain competitive

Although these stores will compete with existing retailers such as Indomaret and Alfamart, the Transmart Carrefour stores intend to provide different facilities and services to differentiate itself from the competition. Such facilities include co-working spaces and specialised loyalty discount programs.

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Having opened four stores in one day last month, FamilyMart is now celebrating its 100th store in Indonesia.

Promoting TapCash payment

FamilyMart is celebrating its 100th store in Indonesia by offering loyal customers discounts on three different items, priced at IDR100.

Earlier this year, the retailer via BNI launched TapCash membership card for shopping, gift points, special discounts at all FamilyMart stores. Shoppers can top up the card (at FamilyMart outlets) in cash and can use it for swift and convenient payment for selected bus and metro journeys, as well as tolls. 

120 stores by end of the year

FamilyMart Indonesia's CEO Wirry Tjandra said, 'Our target is to have 120 stores by the end of this year [...]'. In the past, the retailer has mainly focused its attention on growth in Jakarta. Having opened its first store back in 2012, we expect FamilyMart to grow its presence in cities near the capital, as it continues to look for ways to establish itself in the market. 


Source: FamilyMart

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