Walmart India to boost neighbourhood stores programme

Date : 05 June 2018

Programme to modernise traditional kirana stores will be expanded.

Building on the successful “Mera kirana” programme

Walmart India, has announced its intention to scale up the “Mera kirana” (my neighbourhood store) programme, which started four years ago. The programme helps kirana stores modernise and currently accounts for nearly 70% of Walmart’s active customer base in India.

The programme offers kirana operators advice on operations and inventory management. Special zones within its Best Price stores have been created as a model for these stores to replicate. By improving these traditional stores and not just focusing on sales transactions, Walmart has seen double digit growth in its membership numbers since the programme began.

Improved warehousing and order fulfilment

Walmart India also shared plans to strengthen its ability to serve the kirana stores. By working with third-party logistics firms, Walmart plans to open more fulfilment centres that will speed up orders to the kirana stores. These could be either cash and carry stores under Walmart’s Best Price banner or “dark stores” that are used only to fulfil orders.

These announcements come soon after Walmart acquired a majority stake in Flipkart, India’s leading ecommerce operator.

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