Flipkart innovates to enhance supply chain

Date : 15 April 2019

India’s largest ecommerce retailer optimises its supply chain with a string of innovations.

Using data science to reduce costs and improve efficiencies

Flipkart is relying on technologies such as artificial intelligence, data science and the internet of things to optimise its supply and logistics chain. The ecommerce retailer has created a supply chain that features these technologies to handle its millions of daily shipments.

Flipkart recently deployed 100 automated guided vehicles at its parcel sorting centre in Soukya, Bengaluru. By automating the picking process, the robots have enabled the centre to sort 4,500 packages per hour, ten times more than previously. These self-guided robots also allows existing manpower to be reallocated to other tasks.

The online retailer makes use of data science to calculate package arrival times. The algorithm considers customer location, seller’s inventory location and the size of the package. Machine learning also resolves incomplete addresses and optimises delivery routes for its delivery couriers.

Krishna Raghavan, Senior Vice President of eKart Tech at Flipkart, said, "With the Automated Guided Vehicles, we are re-imagining new growth paths, while orchestrating new and innovative ways of working. We believe this will help bring efficiencies, agility and scale to the supply chain operations, helping us serve the customer better."

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