A.S. Watson and L'Oréal strengthens partnership

Date : 12 March 2019

A.S. Watson and L'Oréal's AI and AR firm ModiFace have launched a virtual makeup service.

Technology driving online and offline integration

L'Oréal continues to work with A.S. Watson to develop better beauty experiences for shoppers. Last year, the two businesses launched ColorLab by Watsons. Now, they have launched a new technology that allows shoppers to discover and test makeup in-store virtually for 300 products, including lipsticks, mascara, eyeshadow, brow colouring and foundation.

The new #ColourMe service embedded in the Watsons mobile app uses AR technology to allow users to also 'try on' new on-trend looks, create and save their own beauty designs, plus capture photos and videos of their makeup. To make shopping more convenient, products can be delivered to shoppers' home or collected from a Watsons store as quickly as four hours.

Roll out to several markets across Asia

The first part of the launch will service L’Oreal Paris and Maybelline brands and rolled-out to Watsons Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan. This could extend further to other brands and markets across A.S. Watson's portfolio in Asia and Europe in the future. 

A.S Watson's COO, Malina Ngai, said “We strive to create bespoke online and offline experiences that add value for their lifestyle. We have a shared vision with L’Oreal in driving digital leadership in beauty, and we discussed about creating the exclusive experience since the second half of last year using ModiFace’s technology. Together we will transform the way beauty lovers discover and experience makeup and a one-stop shopping experience on our mobile app.”

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