Innovation updates


Suguo, a retail chain owned by CR Vanguard, China, has rolled out smart trolleys in its stores.
Matsumoto KiYoshi is well-known amongst shoppers and famous in the beauty industry. Its standalone Beauty U banner however, offers something quite different, providing shoppers a more personalised beauty service.
VinMart, a leading retailer in Vietnam, is testing “Scan & Go” feature with a mobile application in 13 stores.
The world’s largest Starbucks Reserve Roastery opened on 28th February 2019 in Tokyo, Japan. It is the fifth roastery that Starbucks has opened globally, following Seattle, Shanghai, Milan and New York.
CR Vanguard Suguo (the largest grocery retail chain in Jiansu province, China) is pioneering a new way of merchandising that overhauls the conventional way.
FamilyMart has launched its first laundry-convenience store in the Sanchong District of New Taipei, Taiwan.
Singtel, telecommunications giant in Singapore, has launched UNBOXED, an unmanned pop up mobile phone store.
VinMart, a leading retailer in Vietnam, has launched Vietnam’s first virtual store chain.
The Aeon Group, one of Japan's largest retailers, is to launch a network of smart stores that are capable of anticipating what customers are most likely to buy when they enter the store.
Japanese cosmetics giant Shiseido is to become the world’s first multinational cosmetic company to open a dedicated office in Hangzhou to work with Alibaba and co-create products for Chinese consumers.