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Asia’s largest online markets in 2022

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Colgate-Palmolive joins L’Oréal and P&G to make use of Alibaba’s data for better and quicker product development, whilst mitigating risks at the same time.
We’ve picked five new concept stores that are tech-laden, data-driven, delivery-oriented and ultimately integrating online and offline shopping in China.
We review Alibaba's current performance, its growth forecasts for the next five years, plus progress against key strategic objectives.
Included in this report:
  • Alibaba’s wider economy: Tmall, Taobao,, Alipay and on-demand services
  • Five year forecasts for Alibaba and Lazada
  • Strategic priorities: New Retail, partnerships and innovation
25/01/2019 completed Indonesia’s first government approved drone flight, a breakthrough for drone delivery in Southeast Asia.
08/01/2019’s driverless delivery vehicles have been deployed in the cities of Changsha and Hohhot (inner Mongolia) in China.
Japanese clothing retailer Uniqlo has rolled out a shopping chatbot called Uniqlo IQ, which acts as a digital concierge service for customers in Japan.
Mars Inc. and Alibaba Group collaborated to create a new chilli-infused Snickers bar designed to satisfy Chinese consumers’ craving for a ‘mala’ (the Chinese word numbing and spicy) flavoured treat.
Walmart China is currently testing two different WeChat mini-programs. One provides one-hour delivery service and the other locates where products are in the store.
We reveal Asia's top 10 online grocery ecommerce retailers, their growth forecasts over the next five years and the strategies that will help them win…
Singapore online grocery service Honestbee opens Habitat, an innovative physical store combined with dining experience.