JD.com to invest CNY6.5bn on Thai fruit

Date : 01 May 2019

 JD.com plans to invest CNY6.5bn (US$965.1m) in Thailand over the next three years to strengthen its fresh food business.

Offering shoppers more choices

In partnership with Yonghui, JD.com plans to import large quantities of durian, mangosteens, coconuts and other fruits from Thailand worth CNY5bn (US$742.4m). JD.com itself will also source an additional CNY1.5bn (US$222.7m) worth of fruits through Thai trading companies and agents.

Available offline and online

JD.com will sell the produce at its 7Fresh supermarkets and as it continues to expand its store network, storage of fresh food for the retailer and access to products for customers will improve.

The retailer will also sell the new products on its website, overcoming some of the challenges of selling perishable products by a supply chain that it has developed. Its cold chain keeps products at low temperatures and covers 300 cities across China.

Want to know more?

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