Honestbee stops food delivery service

Date : 15 May 2019

Honestbee will stop delivering food from restaurants and temporarily suspend laundry service in Singapore from 20 May. 

Strategic review to optimise business

The retailer will continue to operate its grocery delivery service and cashless supermarket called habitat in Singapore. However, shoppers will not be able to order food and laundry delivery services from next week. The retailer announced recently that it will be suspending some of its overseas operations including Japan and the Philippines, as well as food delivery in Thailand. It has ceased operations in Hong Kong and Indonesia. About 400 delivery riders will be affected. In a statement released today, honestbee stated, "the decision was made to optimise the business structure, and to drive better focus and alignment with honestbee's current strategic priorities".

Stiff competition for food delivery in Singapore

Deliveroo, Food Panda and Grab Food are some of the popular food delivery companies. These companies are constantly upgrading their loyalty and reward schemes to drive higher sales. Grab Food for example, has been integrated into the main Grab platform. The latest version of the Grab app will allow users to book a car or taxi, get food delivery and make payment without having to switch apps. Many of the fast food chains also have their own delivery network.

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