BigBasket plans to strengthen its supply chain

Date : 29 April 2019

Making use of the funds raised from most recent round of investments.

Currently operating in 25 cities in the country

Backed by Alibaba, India’s BigBasket has announced plans to scale up its supply and distribution chains. From its existing network of 18 large and 80 small distribution centres, the retailer will expand to 20 large and 100 smaller centres by June.  

With the increase in distribution capabilities, BigBasket aims to provide shoppers with two hour express delivery. These new warehouses will also allow BigBasket to further penetrate new markets and cities.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

Network of vending machines planned

BigBasket also shared plans to set up vending machines in office and apartment complexes. Called BB Instant, the retailer wants to have 2000 vending machines across 10 large cities over the next year.

We see a huge potential of these machines. Customers can use their app to access the machine and buy products. The only human intervention is in re-stocking,” said co-founder Vipul Parekh.

Find out more information about BigBasket here.


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