IGD has a team of 40 industry experts, trainers and facilitators creating and delivering a range of solutions allowing you to build you and your team’s capability.

One challenge organisations face is confusing insight with information and/or data. Being clear on what an insight is and isn’t is key. We can help you distinguish insights from information, and advise you on how to build a category plan.

In many markets we see an evolution from brand-based selling to category-based selling, as a greater emphasis is placed on building long term sustainable category growth. See how our processes, tools and industry examples can help your business grow.

Long term success is driven by understanding your customer needs and being able to work collaboratively to achieve growth. Check out some of our tools, resources, and approaches to help you collaborate better with your customer.

Being able to flawlessly execute your plans is critical to your organisation's success. Check out some examples of how suppliers and retailers have used plans in store or online and the skills required for bringing your plan to life.